Prior to moving to Los Angeles Monterey bay was the farthest south I had been. Since I started working at REI I put together a nice little set of backpacking equipment and I was really eager to try it out on some more strenuous trips. I think I packed my bag five or six times prior to us leaving on the 10th. Reorganizing again and again trying to find the most efficient means of bringing an unnecessary amount of belongings on a three-day backpacking expedition. My girlfriend told me that she thought it was cute how excited I was.

We had a four and a half hour drive ahead of us and they couldn’t wait to get out into the woods and out of the city for a couple of days. No more than five minutes out of the car with her packs freshly placed on our backs we ran into our first waterfall. It was a gusher to say the least when the great things coming into Big Sur after a long drought is everything is exploding with life and rich vegetation. The trails are difficult and at times extremely steep and narrow. At certain points of our trip the trail would disappear completely and you were just walking on a slippery patches of dirt traversing around from one waterfall to the next. The vistas, and the foggy rolling hills were something out of a storybook after living in Los Angeles since August. A much-needed hiatus.
This is probably the second outing that I’ve had with some of my colleagues from work and I can safely say that living in Los Angeles would not be the same if I didn’t have REI has a place to work was great getting my coworkers and feeling like we had more of a connection outside of our daily 9 to fives.
Our first night was followed by a rigorous hike up through a heavily overgrown trail. Poison oak and prickly cactus plants lined both sides of the trail and with a 50 pound pack crawling on your hands and knees to get under brambles is not my idea of a good time. The overgrown obstacle course eventually lead to a fire road and left this job dropped with an amazing view into the rolling landscape. It seems like it was a reward for having to wade through all that vegetation.
After taking a breather and drying out our tents from the extremely wet night prior, we hit the road again. We decided because we had an leisurely short day I our first leg of the trip, that we wanted to do something more rigorous and plan on doing 10 or so miles. But we didn’t know was their second camp was on the other end of the one of the largest hills I’ve ever climbed in my entire life. I’d say it is one major thing I learned on this trip was that cotton is not for backpacking i won’t go into specifics, but do yourself a favor and get some nice synthetic or merino wool shirts socks and pants and you’ll thank me later.
After we climed an 8% grade for about three miles we came to a grassy field on top of one of the taller lookouts encased in fog. We laid down or packs and plopped on the ground, my thighs and calves were burning and I was extremely thankful for buying a pair of tracking polls right before I left for this trip. I got a great photo of Brandon looking like he was about to pass out right before for the fog blew out an exposed a lush canyon.
The rest of the group to joined us and we all sat down on the overlook as we took in the view. The second camp we stayed at was under gigantic Oak tree with gnarly branches the ramp and fell onto the ground got some amazing views of the stars and were awoken to the sound of the trickling stream that was right next to our camp. Darwin and his girlfriend Kim had to leave early that morning for work I managed to snap this group shot of all the sitting underneath the giant tree before they took off. We made our way down and back to the car, and did a little bit of car camping as we slowly worked our way back into Los Angeles. I loved my time in Big Sir and cant wait to go back. This is a bucket list destination and everyone should go if there if they find them selves looking for a bit of adventure.

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  • Wow is the only word I can think of when looking at these pics. Truly an amazing job dude.


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