Gabriela, Midnight and I wanted to go explore the Angeles National Forest a bit and go backpacking. We decided to go scope out Cooper Canyon. Cooper Canyon is accessible from highway two in a couple of different directions. We took the shorter of the two, as we had midnight and didnt really know what we were doing. The trail connects from the Burkhart trail and runs along a cliff side with shale rocks, creeks, and one really cool waterfall. The Cooper Canyon Trail camp is also part of the PCT, and we met some of the amazing, amazing people on there way from Mexico all the way through to a country known as Canada. Take pause and contemplate that feat.

We used an app called that works pretty well if you leave the TOPO map open when your hiking in. The app allows you to use your GPS despite service and guide you down the trail you had open when you lost signal. Pretty handy considering we almost got lost twice trying to find a waterfall there.  I was also really excited to go out and use my new sea to summit Cool max sleeping pad. I got a nice bag recently and wanted to try and keep it clean. I usually run pretty hot and find that even if its cold I wake up feeling kinda sticky. The Coolmax bag liner is a nice “sock” I guess to my “shoe” that is my sleeping bag setup. I got some new Goal-zero lights and solar panel that finally got some use. I was pretty stoked to see how quickly the solarpanels ability to cultivate power was! By far the coolest thing I saw there was Gabriela scaling up a rope from a waterfall. She’s a champ, hauling her self up that thing with her pack and everything. I couldn’t ask for a better couple of days off backpacking.

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