Im sure we have all at one point or another found ourselves out classed and out gunned. Where the chips are stacked against us, and we should probably throw in the towel. Gabriela and I after returning from Seattle decided to really take advantage of this now short amount of time left in Los Angeles area. On my day off from work she proposed to check out this hot spring called deep creek hotspring, in kind of the northern Mohave desert area. The destination was an inspiration from the “Rewild yourself” podcast from Daniel Vitalus. This was Gabriela’s trip, it was pretty fun just to shrug my shoulders in a way and just go with the flow.

We started out making our way into the desert based on this map, at this point morale was high, and so was the temperature. A couple years back I messed my old white Subaru up pretty good trying to “Blast” through some stuff with low clearance and an overwhelming sense of confidence. After that I’ve been more on the timid side when it comes to pushing the envelope of off-roading. On our way into the desert I was a little shaken up by the route that Alltrails sent us on. In retrospect we just made a wrong turn and that’s why it sent us onto this brutal poorly maintained fire road. By the way, I want a GPS. like really bad.  If I had access to a decent map set I probably would have been able to see the error of my ways and steer our ship back on course.


deep creek hotsprings-5

deep creek hotsprings-2

deep creek hotsprings-3

deep creek hotsprings-7

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deep creek hotsprings-9

deep creek hotsprings-11

Despite the, road being all messed up, and us getting super lost, we snapped some cool desert pictures, and got on our merry way based on a route Google maps had given us to get to the same place but from the opposite side of the mountains. We drove up through the San Bernadino mountains, through some small towns and found ourselves at the start of the trail head titled “deep creek trail”. I was trying to retrace our steps and its crazy the route it took us on. regardless we ended up here. “How did we get so lost?” we asked ourselves, as we set on down the trail. We thought that All trails just failed miserably but in reality we just suck really bad at navigating. I honestly think its funny how badly we blew it out there, considering the trail we actually went on was called the Bradford ridge trail. The Bradford ridge trail is fucking hard. almost 1500 feet of elevation gain in 85-90 degree weather. The All trails route for the original trail is- WOULD have been, easily done. Some times though, these kind of experiences make us stronger and remind us that this is the god damn desert and it’s not to be taken lightly.

Capture3 bradford

deep creek hotsprings-12

deep creek hotsprings-13

deep creek hotsprings-14

Ultimately, despite our sad, sad, sad, SAD attempts at navigation, and our inability to read trail names, and deal with heat it was an amazing experience.  Oh I forgot to say Gabriela on our way back from the hot-spring became borderline critically dehydrated and I had to get her pedialyte. Also Midnight spooked a snake and gave us a pretty big scare. Regardless! It was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe it. And we got lost on the way back. In the dark. and both our headlamps weren’t charged. BUT STILL. It was amazing.

deep creek hotsprings-15

deep creek hotsprings-16

deep creek hotsprings-17

Thanks GoalZero for this amazing lighthouse lantern, if it weren’t for me buy this little guy we would have had to spend the night at that hot-spring.

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