Just a quick trip back home. Its a strange thing to be visiting “home” as its not where i’m hanging my hat these days. Regardless of whether or not I live there my heart and family does. It’s pretty invigorating to go back to Washington and NOT have to use a GPS to get around, to know where all the good food is, and have so many memories associated to all these physical places. Its just great. I went to the most recent Body Joy Project art show, dug for crystals in the mountains, visited my folks, ate amazing food, and camped in the woods. All the while knowing that I would have to return to LA to finish up the last portion of our adventure in LA.

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I had a great conversation with Gabriela as we were driving from Seattle to Bellingham about checking in once in awhile and making sure that i’m not clawing my eyes out in LA. Yes, LA is not the great PNW. No I don’t see my self living here forever. I do appreciate the diversity, I appreciate not having to ride my bike decked out from head to toe in GORE-TEX, and I appreciate my job that LA has given me. Honestly, if I didn’t have my job at REI, I would have probably would have gone back home with my tail between my legs defeated.

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So thanks for that little bit of home Santa Monica. You haven’t given me much but, that was a good one. Now were back home, readjusting, and learning to appreciate the things that we have here. Things like Midnight, and each other. I look forward to exploring more here and making sure I am not left with any sense of. “damn we should have done that!” when it comes time to leave.

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