Gabriela, Midnight and I went out to Point Mugu out past Malibu, Ca for a quick overnighter. A customer from work recommended it to me based off of a great photograph of her tent placed wonderfully right beside the water. I admit I thought the experiences was going to be a little bit more secluded, but I enjoyed the trip and the neighbors adjacent to us were very quiet and cordial I got to try out my new MSR HubbaHubbaNX with the connected gear shed. Happy to say the added vestibule space is HUGE! and I was really digging the photos I got at sunrise the next morning. I hope to explore the trails at a later date! If you are looking for an awesome quick get-away from Los Angeles county, Point Mugu is for you!

Point Mugu-1 Point Mugu-2 Point Mugu-3 Point Mugu-7 Point Mugu-4 Point Mugu-6 Point Mugu-5 Point Mugu-8 Point Mugu-9 Point Mugu-10 Point Mugu-11


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