Gabriela just got back from India by way of Florida, and she and I haven’t gone out anywhere in a quite a spell. After a failed attempt at camping up at Point Mugu, and any camp site down the coast from Ventura county, to Santa Monica, we ate our beautifully crafted lunch over looking the ocean with a slight sense of defeat. We returned home happy, but slightly unfulfilled. The next day Gabriela proposed that we make an impromptu visit to San Diego. We strapped our bikes on the back of the car, and set out. The bike rack almost broke off on I-5, I saw the vision of my brand new bicycle and my girlfriends splattering all over the interstate in an eruption of bike parts, sparks and explosions. But that didn’t happen because we just threw them in the back of the car and kept on keepin on. San Diego is super bike friendly, people friendly, art friendly, music friendly. I would say its just a pretty chill city from what Gabriela and I have seen. We went to the contemporary museum of art, ate some super tasty ramen noodles, rode our bikes around Balboa park, drank some beers, and just hung out!

File Jul 27, 10 24 28 AM

File Jul 27, 10 23 34 AM

File Jul 27, 10 23 16 AM

File Jul 27, 10 22 56 AM

San Deigo-1

San Deigo-2

San Deigo-3

San Deigo-4

San Deigo-5

San Deigo-6

San Deigo-7


  • It’s good man! The bike is fun the Novara mazama. I put my B-17 saddle on there and I have to get a new rack for my panniers, but other than that it’s amazing. The bar end shifters are cool but I’m not used to them. And the bars are flared out, that took some getting used to as well. The Twin six stuff is cool but I’m starting to notice some distressing on the stitching, and some pilling on my thigh near the cuff. I ride them literally every day though. I cycle through two outfits and wash the other in the shower. Considering the high usage, I’m still pretty happy with them.

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