I first off want to apologize for not being able to shoot all the helmets/tanks at this show. There were SO many good ones but my camera wasn’t able to get shots of all of them with the light the way it was. A lot of blown out hot spots on the reflective surfaces. So please artist friends, don’t hate me! But on a less defensive note…

THIS WAS AN AMAZING SHOW! So much talent packed into a small area! Thanks to Bell helmets, Eastside Harley-Davidson, Neumos, The Piranha shop, Rainier beer, & The Foundry clothing co, for putting on an amazing show! hooray! Way to go guys!

_DSC8990_DSC8896 _DSC8900 _DSC8901 _DSC8913 _DSC8915 _DSC8919 _DSC8920 _DSC8933 _DSC8948 _DSC8950 _DSC8955 _DSC8957 _DSC8959 _DSC8965 _DSC8973 _DSC8969 _DSC8976 _DSC8998 _DSC9015 _DSC9012 _DSC9024 _DSC9044 _DSC9082 _DSC9080 _DSC9022 _DSC9048 _DSC9027 _DSC9051 _DSC9025 _DSC9068 _DSC9077 _DSC9063 _DSC9084 _DSC8951 _DSC9023 _DSC8967 _DSC9035 _DSC9038 _DSC9029 _DSC9073

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